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About Us

AutoX is Pakistan’s largest online full spectrum auto portal, we are becoming the go to portal for all car needs ranging from care care, spares, accessories and repairs. AutoX started off with a vision to replace the conventional ways of vehicle care by educating its customers to get the best products for their vehicles. 


Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economy in terms of internet consumption, currently there are about 34 Million active internet users which is expected to increase to 54 Million in the next three years. Online sales are growing at a 72% every year which translates into a 100 Billion PKR market by the year 2020. We have 3.5 Million vehicles on the roads of Pakistan as of today and there is a 17% annual increase in this number of vehicles. The irony is only 2% of parts are available online for these vehicles, the real problem is even after spending time fetching parts from the market and paying huge amount of money the customer is not sure if they were not ripped off. According to the recent stats by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association people are approximately wasting PKR 90 Billion every year on counterfeit parts. This is a huge opportunity and AutoX aims to capitalise on it.

AutoX have multiple outlets to interact with the customer

  1. Online Auto Store
  2. Online Service Portal
  3. Retail Outlets
  4. Service Centres

We started off with an online store focusing on car care and subsequently added multiple categories, but considering Pakistan’s local landscape it was evident to have a retail outlet to maximise orders as people still feel comfortable to experience the product before making a purchase decision. To complement AutoX’s online sales we started with an Online Service Portal where you can log all vehicle movements and AutoX and our recommendation engine recommends parts for your vehicles. To further ease it down for our customers we are opening up a series of Service Centres to ensure quality repair works.


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